Killua: Guardian of Moths

Killua is the responsible guardian of the island of moths. Despite her adventurous and energetic nature, her top priority is to ensure the well being of the moths. She understands their fragility and their need for freedom, so tries to sustain a balance between both to keep the moths happy and healthy.

Maocho and Levi

Maocho is a young mushroom mage who has high potential but a low attention span, though she is certain that her abilities will continue to grow. She's persistent in her goal to be just like her master  but she struggles with self confidence and can become forlorn from time to time. Fortunately she has enough pep to keep pushing herself. Being endlessly curious, she needs constant supervision. Levi, her mushroom friend, acts as a silent chaperone when the master is not available. He may not always be able to persuade Maocho into changing her mind, but he always has her back to protect her and keep her company even in the scariest of times. Levi might not be able to express it well, but he gets quite paranoid, and can't leave Maocho alone for too long.

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