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Commission Information


I know that no one ever reads the terms of service but please read these
By choosing to request a commission you are agreeing to these terms:

-I may reject your request for a commission for any reason and am not required to offer an explanation
-*The prices listed are estimates. Depending on subject matter or
complexity I may charge you more or less than the prices listed ex: complex background, extra character

-Payment must be in USD using paypal only, and I will not start your commission until I am paid in full.
I use paypal invoices so DO NOT PAY until you get the invoice. For pieces $55 and up I will request a 50% deposit
upfront and the rest right before completion. Therefore,
there will be two invoices

-Once I start working on your piece there will be no refunds. I will notify you before I start working on the piece and
you have 24hrs to ask for the refund or I will proceed as planned.

-Once a piece is finished you are allowed two minor changes
Minor changes are things such as SLIGHT color changes.

Services provided are completely digital, no physical object will be shipped/printed
If paypal asks you for a shipping address,
 look for an option that says ‘no address needed’ or ignore the prompt if possible.

Guidelines and etc
-For OCs please provide a reference. I wont create one for you. That is a different service.

-If there is a specific date you need the commission done by please let me know ahead of time

-When contacting me please be as clear and specific as possible with what you want me to draw.

* I retain all rights to commissioned content. Clients may not print multiple copies for sale and must always credit when posting on social media.

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