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Lopi serves as more of a mascot and is a constant work in progress. She has a couple of different forms which I've dubbed "Small Lopi", "Mid Lopi" and "Big Lopi". Lopi is a Sea bunny Nymph that protects the ocean with an octopus bazooka. No reason is needed. That's just how it is

My first full 3d character model was of "Small Lopi". The most complex part of modeling is said to be converting a 2d idea into a 3d form. Although I felt quite confident in my adaptation into a new form, not all of her parts translated as well as I would hope. It required minor changes. I made her hair one large ponytail with 3 separate twists instead of a large ponytail as well as free-flowing hair as well as add a petticoat under her skirt. These changes, however remain in further 2d renderings of her .

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